The best video experience
for your online event.

Embed custom, high-quality video on your event platform. IRT Video makes virtual
or hybrid events better for attendees, reliable for you, and secure for all

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About IRT Video

IRT Video is a secure, scalable, and customized video solution for virtual and hybrid events of any size. IRT Video can be integrated with your event platform to create a seamless experience for presentations, conferences, break-out rooms, and more.

With IRT Video your event video will be:

High Quality Icon_IRT Video

High Quality: Guaranteed premium video and sound. Every time.

Secure Icon_IRT Video-01
Secure: Encrypted and ephemeral. No Zoom-bombing or worries about data protection.
Scalable Icon_IRT Video-01-01

Scalable: Cloud-based and flexible to meet audience size without compromising performance.

Easy Icon_IRT Video-01
Easy: Streamlined for organizers, moderators, and attendees.
Customize Icon_IRT Video-01

Customized: Tailored features and branding to your event and experience.

Reliable Icon_IRT Video-01
Reliable: Experienced devs who work side-by-side with you for an unbeatable experience.


Some of the options you can customize with IRT Video include:

  • Enable/disable chat
  • Record event
  • Mute attendees custom/default
  • Display names
  • Manage camera
  • Adjust the number of people on screen
  • Add custom logo and images
  • Create lobby for attendees
  • Enable pre or post-meeting screens
  • Play video from YouTube